When Did You Lose Interest In Reading And Writing

In the last Literacy blog, Part 2, “What Do You Like About
Reading And Writing”, I began with:

“When do they stop exploding to their feet, raising their hands ... even when they don't have the answer? 
When do they think better than to expose themselves to the embarrassment of ... asking ... a question to make sure they are right on how to spell "pictire".  Why do our children suddenly, somewhere around, between 6th and 7th grade begin to implode, hide from wanting to know, slunk in a cave of, 'whatever.'”

The consensus is around middle school if a student has yet to learn to read and write on their level, they will begin to … resign … that they have an incapability, or, peer pressure will convince them to hide or ignore it, or, puberty will upstage the need to be ‘smart’ because looks and coolness is what gets the girl/boy. 

Also, parents begin to ‘let go’ of a responsibility since they figure they are old enough to want it and get it. Or,  it’s the school’s responsibility, or, I raised you this far now I need your help more than you need mine.  Or, video games, FB, time consuming, hypnotic electronics. 

Or, I am too embarrassed to raise my hand and ask a question, and nobody has time for me to ask for help. 

In any case, illiteracy, left to fester, feeds on itself.

When did your interest in Reading and Writing sag?  For how long? 
How about your child, sibling, friend? 

Jump in.  This blog is the … crux … of our discussion. 


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