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It Takes a Village

The success of the Authoring Action lies in its partnership with people like you — like-minded individuals and organizations who understand the the power of creative writing and spoken word arts and leadership education to transform the lives of youth and the world. We invite you to make a gift today and join our in our growing community of supporters!

Grateful Thanks...

  • To the many individuals who have written themselves into the unfolding story of Authoring Action with their generous financial contributions. 
  • To Authoring Action Associates - our Friends of Authoring Action team.
  • Our growing community of organizational supporters and collaborators.

Join Authoring Action Associates — A3

Inspired by the incredible commitment and contributions of Authoring Action youth, A3 formed to spotlight and garner support for Authoring Action.  Each year Associates plan, organize and implement several unique fundraising events.  Members take pride in their role in sustaining and growing the organization and welcome you to join them in sharing your time and talents in support of Authoring Action's mission or to showcase your organization as a partner of Authoring Action. 

To learn more, contact Claire Tuttle, the inspiration and founder of A3, at tuttles@triad.rr.com.

The world can change...with just one word.